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Need to add counters

Everything’s cool just wanted to suggest adding more counters because we’re limited to only these.

It's a great app but....

It'll be even a greater app if you guys added the volume button functionality to be used as the "+", "-" counters. It will be a much better counter app with this function because it will allow the user to hold the phone as if it was an actual counter ! Please email me once this update comes to life one day... thanks !


Doesn't time ma skillz


Great app! It does exactly what I need for my business. Being able to have multiple counters and naming them was a game changer for me. Thank you!

Really simple and easy to use

Love the new counters and ability to name them

Great counter

Thank you :)

Perfect counter

Need to have one. Great one. I tried many but I liked this.

marvellous !!

so simple & effective

Different icon coming

Update coming soon that will make the icon very pretty. It was shown briefly recently but needed a bug fix. Great simple counting app and great customer service :)


If you Cross Fit, perfect App Keep track of your count on rounds for time. Less to have to keep track of, and get more from your workout 


useful, easy, straight to the point. something no one made but everyone thought of. nice app!

Does what it says

The only thing that I wish it had was a save feature so that it wouldn't delete what number I had gotten to when I close the app. You could turn this into a game and make leaderboards to see who has the most overall taps and who taps the fastest.

Does the job

Being able to enter a starting number with the keyboard would make it easier/ more efficent cause right now you would have to click 40 times. But overall a good counter

Yep it counts "quietly"

For some reason, I thought it would make a tap sound or any kind of audible noise to confirm each count (maybe like iPhone keyboard taps) so you don't need to "really" watch it constantly. Also be able to turn off sound if you need to. Like others, I have no use for this right now but it does what it says & could be useful to some.

Does what is is suppossed to do

Good count app if you need it. My only suggestion would be to make the subtract button twice as large ad its currently. Thanks for the free app.


Not bad app. Useless if u have nothing to count. Free is good. Maybe on upgrade make it easier to toggle plus and minus?


The worst app ever.


But I don't know where I will use it


Good xounter

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